ENTRY TO THE PROJECT: Step by step instructions

Step 1. Registration and activation

1. We register in the bot by clicking the link  ☛ HERE

2.1. The Status bot will open in Telegram, click "Start".

Регистрация в Status Bot 7.0

2.2 Further, Status bot will offer to confirm the account, for this it will indicate the character set. You need to click on the button with the same symbols and then click the "Continue" button.

Регистрация в Status Bot 7.0

3. Next, Status bot 7.0 will offer to subscribe to the project resources info-channel / team chat / advertising channel.

In turn, click on the corresponding buttons, in the opened windows, click "subscribe" and in the upper left corner of each telegram window, click on the arrow to return to the bot.

Then click - "I signed up".

Регистрация в Status Bot 7.0

4. Next, the bot will offer to share a contact with it, so that in case of losing the phone, the bot can restore access to the account.

STATUS 7.0 bot is connected and activated. Your account has been assigned the status "Free" (zero).

Now he will generate income for you in accordance with your status. Pin "Status bot" at the top of Telegram chats.

Step 2. Increase passive income

When the bot connects, it assigns you the “Free” status - this is the status of each new user. The passive income from this status is very insignificant, the profit from promoting the bot on this status is only 10%. To make a profit from personal activity 50%, you need to raise the status to S1 or more.

To upgrade your status, you need to top up your bot wallet in the amount of 100 rubles or more This is enough for the bot to assign you the first status.

Deposit and withdrawal are performed using:

1. Electronic  wallet PAYEER. More options coming soon. Link for Android devices HERE

2. Within the community, using the STATUS 7.0 bot internal transfer system between members.

Press the button "Wallet" => "Top up balance", follow the instructions of the bot.

Регистрация в Status Bot 7.0

After replenishing the wallet - we increase our status (Statuses can be increased in two ways: through the Start button or Wallet)


Press the STATUS button in the bot menu.

In the appeared dialog box START | BUSINESS | INVEST, choose START.

The bot will offer us to choose the user status from the first S1 to the tenth S10. Press S1.

Регистрация в Status Bot 7.0


Click Activate Matrix 1 and confirm. Then you can activate the rest.

Регистрация в Status Bot 7.0

Step 3. Personal activity

In the Status 7.0 bot menu, click the "Promotion" button.

The bot will reply with several posts with your referral link. You share these posts with friends and the environment directly from the bot, or copy one link and share it separately on different resources for your content. The higher your status, the higher the passive income from the activity of the entire community. S5 is considered the most optimal for the start.

We earn more

The bot was created with the principle of automatic placement of users within the project. This means that those who previously connected it and started working add new members to you, who in turn generate you profit from personal activity, as well as a percentage of their passive income, depending on your status. Higher status means more profit!

As soon as we have taken the S1 status, the bot defines us as an active user. And it allows you to instantly receive income of 50% for everyone who connected STATUS 7.0 - bot via our link and bought a status.

Регистрация в Status Bot 7.0

Users really like our bot and they accept it with ease, it brings real income every day. Therefore, it is easy to offer and promote this amazing project with its help - see the reviews of our members

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